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Bensonhurst Cluster Youth Ministry


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Café Soul

Upcoming Café Soul Nights-  Friday October 23 and December 11, 2009, and January 22 and March 26, 2010

At 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Do you like to sing? …..Play an instrument?

Like to jam?...... In a Band?.... have a Talent you like to share? Tell Jokes, read poetry, like to act, do magic

Join us at St. Simon and Jude in their Gym (Ave T and Van Sicklen), two blocks from McDonald Ave and Kings Hwy.

Poets, drama, forensics, dance, jugglers, comics, debaters, magicians. You want a stage, you want to practice in public with a real sound system, here is your chance. Show up, or try to let us know you are coming, call 718-234-0614, or email at

Café Soul is an all junior high and high school audience entertained by junior high and high school performers. The hope is that with enough youth acts and youth in the audience, we should be able to have one of these every other month, if not every month.


The idea is that Café Soul will be a place for young people to hang out, to socialize, get something to drink, or eat, and to ultimately feed their soul.

Feed their soul through other youth sharing their gifts and talents, their interests.

Be it music, drama, art, poetry, speech, you name it.

A place to share and a place to care.... CAFE SOUL.


If there are any bands, poets, musicians, public speakers, drama clubs or anyone that would like to perform that night please contact the Youth Ministry.



Look hear for guidelines and the date, so you can get set to perform and share you gifts!



Café Soul



Guide to Performers

First off thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us, without you, there would be no Café Soul. Café Soul is not a talent show, nor a competition, but a place for young people and by young people, to hang out, to have their mind, body and soul moved by the arts, be it music, dance or drama.


Participant Regulations

Each performer should be at least 10 years of age old and no older than 30 years of age. (We hope that the majority of performers will be junior and high school age.)

We accept and welcome all, regardless of race, gender, or religious affiliation.


We expect that attire and material of acts will be positive, not obscene, or degrading, violent or anything that would be opposite to good moral standing.



We are open to any type or act, but generally are looking for acts to fall within the following areas:


     Music- singing, jamming, bands, acoustic, solos, dancing

Drama- one act plays, forensics, monologues, comedy routine, role playing, scenes from plays and movies, impersonations.

Arts- Juggling, slide shows, computer graphics-design, and art exhibitions.

Miscellaneous- Any gift, talent, we are open, the answer is no unless you ask, so ask!


All individual performances are asked to be within a 15-20 minute time limit.

(We may be able to extend, upon final time allocation.)


We can supply microphones, a mixing speaker system for keyboards and acostic guitars, but beyond that, you will need to bring your own equipment and materials for your performance.


Set up and clean up time for your performance must be less than 20 mins.



All acts welcome and we do not judge based not on performance but based on content.




For questions, things to add to our site, please direct all inquires to