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SOUL TEAM- Youth Leadership Team- St. Finbar's (Bay 20th and Benson Avenue in the church corner room.) Meets every first and third Wednesday of the Month 7-9pm..

For High School Youth only, become part of a team that is learning how to be a better leader in their school, parish and within youth ministry. Wemeet next March 2.


Dear Potential SOUL Team Member,                                                      

I hope this letter has found its way into your hands because you have heard about the S.O.U.L Team, a Youth Leadership Group and want to find out more. Are you ready to be the change you want to see in our community and church, because that is the type of people we want? You don't need the answers or the solutions, just an openness and willingness. If so, then keep reading, if not, then pray some more.


IF YOU have stopped reading, let me say that maybe you don't believe you can be or do that, but I know GOD does, maybe that is why you actually picked up this paper. So keep reading and see!!!!

The SOUL program will offer training, experiences and a community to give you some additional formation, training that can help the cluster, yourself and other peers to become stronger citizens and better Christians. We dare you to come forth and accept the invitation and begin the formal process to become one of the selected members. This will be an open opportunity to any youth who meets the qualifications to apply, so you must now make the next step. Read below for the details, pray and you will be notified by the first week of September.

If you are humbled by this and doubt your ability to accept the call, remember that God does not call the qualified, but he qualifies the called. Timothy, Solomon, David and Saint Maria Goretti, Blessed Laura Vicuna, St. Dominic Savio and the prophet Jeremiah were all but mere teens when they were called to fill big shoes, to help transform the world and bring upon the kingdom of God. With God all things are possible, and God has given you particular gifts and talents, let us be able to use them, so that together we can build the city of God.

S.O.U.L Team Requirements, Expectations and Next Steps

The SOUL Team will be ten to twelve youth, who have at least completed their freshman year of high school. They must have received confirmation, or be willing to do so within their first year of service. Males and females are welcome, and we will attempt to try to have a balanced team. If accepted we expect a one year commitment, with a second year to continue on team. After two years, you can move to another level of leadership in the program but cannot remain on the SOUL Team.

1)    The SOUL team will be expected to be directly involved regularly in at least one of our current ministries offered, or help to create a new aspect of ministry: Youth Center, Faith Formation, Passion Players, Youth Mass, Saturday Youth Program, Adoration Nights and Summer Youth Program.

2)    You must be on team for one of our overnight retreats during the year.

3)    To assist once in a while with programs at the local Youth Ministry level, St. Athanasius on Wednesday's and St. Simon and Jude on Friday Nights.

4)    Talk and help run an activity at one of the faith Formation Nights.

5)    Attend the Monthly SOUL Meeting Nights, for training, formation.

6)    Attend the SOUL Overnight Training Retreat in the Fall, at the Marist Retreat House.

7)    Try to be a model and witness to the Gospel message both in and out of Youth Ministry Programs.

8)    Personally invite at least one new youth to attend a Youth Ministry program.

9)    Be Ready to try, be ready to listen to God, and also be willing to take chances to try new things and also to bring your whole self, with your strengths and weaknesses and to accept the others on the team as themselves.

10) Lastly, but first thing, is to pray, reflect and in writing, or poetry or in a drawing to share why you want to be a part of this group, what do you think you could bring and offer, and what do you need from God and from the Cluster to help you be a better leader, Christian and person! Bring that to the rectory of St. Athanasius by the 19th of August in a sealed envelope, or email me back at , with your name, email and phone number and you will hear back from us after Labor Day.

Jesus had twelve Apostles, made up of a stubborn man, some fishermen, a tax collector, and others, not the likeliest of characters and we know what became of each and the impact they still have on the world. We got plenty of fish to catch out there, we just need some more fishers of people!!!

It is no fun to play baseball alone, and being part of the Catholic church, we are built in relationships. Please consider this invitation to be part of a new community that will help the entire church and our Cluster Youth Ministry to become more owned, operated and lead by the youth, and that is where the SOUL Team comes into play, and we hope you at least try out and let God do the rest. We already believe in you, if not you would have not received this letter.



Kenny Wodzanowski

Cluster Coordinator of Youth Ministry

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