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New York is going Papal
Friday - April 18th

The Vicar of Christ is coming to town - lets show him
how much New Yorkers love him and love the faith.

You are invited to join with the Franciscan
Friars of the Renewal to kick off the Holy Fathers
arrival to New York City.  There will be welcoming our
Holy Father with Holy Hour and Mass, along with a
street procession to the Papal Residence where Pope
Benedict XVI is staying immediately following Mass to
sing to him.

Day: Friday April 18th
Place: St. Jean the Baptist on Lexington Ave btn 76th
& 77th St

Time:5pm Street Evangelization
    7pm Holy Hour
    8:30 pm Mass followed by a procession to the
Papal residence where we will sing beneath his

Meet at St. Jeans @ 4:30pm to begin Street
Evangelization - When will we have such and
opportunity to speak of hope and life with Christ as
this great visit of Our Holy Father - please join us!

Other Locations similar events:

St. Malchy's:239 West 49th St. btn Broadway and 8th
Our Lady of Good Counsel:230 East 90th St. btn 2nd and
St. Joseph's in the Village:371 6th Ave btn Washington
and Waverly Places
St. Vincent Ferrer:869 Lexington btn 65th and 66th

1)    Want to watch coverage of the pope on the internet or IPhones; Catch it on this web site:  

2) Here is a great link with information on the Pope's Itinerary and street closures throughout the city: . Read through it and if you are in the neighborhood of these sites where he is visiting, take a chance and see if you can catch a glimpse of him and cheer him on! 

3) Washington DC may have fancy events at the White House but New York City has Fifth Avenue! So, don't forget to get a group together and pack the streets of 5th Avenue on Saturday, April 19th. 5th Avenue should be packed like a rock concert when we get there! The Pope is having Mass at the Cathedral at 9am, followed by lunch with Cardinal Egan at 12:00pm. Then at 1pm he will travel on 5th Avenue in his Popemobile to 70th Street. Play it safe: get there very early, say around 9:30am, and wait till 1pm. Bring a group of friends so you can all start praying the Rosary, singing hymns, etc... while you pass the time. 


Tickets Available to Greet the Holy Father

There are 5,000 tickets available for those who would
like to greet the Holy Father on Saturday, April 19th
before he celebrates Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
There will be two jumbotrons on the steps of the
Cathedral so that they may also view the Mass. Tickets
are currently available on a first come first serve
basis and may be acquired by registering online by
12:00 pm, Monday, April 14th at:
Tickets will be sent in the mail to those who register
online. Those who receive tickets must enter the
security checkpoints at 6th Avenue between 6:00am -
8:00am. The Holy Father will enter the Cathedral at~
9:00 am.

Papal Trivia

Name _____________________                          

Email ______________________

Special Papal Prize will be given to the top score, or pulled random from those who had the top score!

Copy and paste and fill in answers, and send in to

Test your knowledge, and if you don't know it, ask around and see what others may know.

1)      Who was the first Pope of the church? __________________


2)      Where in the scripture does Jesus himself institute and begin the role of a Pope, head of the church?  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


3)      How many Pope's were born in Africa? ____________


4)      How many Pope's were born in any part of the Americas? __________


5)      What Pope oversaw the Vatican II process? _______________


6)      The Pope is also the Bishop of what area? ________________


7)      What was Pope Benedict XVI name prior to becoming Pope? _________________________


8)      Pope John Paul II was born in what country? ________________


9)      Give the main topics of Pope Benedict's first two encyclicals? (Hint in Latin they are Spe Salvi and Deus caritas est) _______________________________



10)   When a Pope dies what is removed from his possession and destroyed, with a new one being made for the next Pope? ______________________