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7:30PM                     Community Time (Kim, Uno, Sohaib, John Chimento)- Don Bosco

Top Ten

Song of the Night- Nick

Jester Jim Juggling

8:30   Who wants to learn how to juggle- Café (Jester Jim)

Community Service- Cleaning game room (Kim, Vinny, MJ, Liana, Nicole)

Real Room- High school and older only!

Program this week

Tomorrow- Soul Team Meeting in rectory basement 7-9PM (Wednesday)

Friday- Open Gym/Youth center- St. Simon and Jude 7-9PM

Saturday- SYP at St. Athanasius- 10:30-2PM- Nazareth Institute

Sunday- Super Bowl- take down your numbers, win a movie ticket if you match any quarter, 2 tixs for the final score!!



Cluster Youth Ministry



Youth Center-Every First and Third Friday of the month from 7-9PM, in the gym. Join us for basketball, Frisbee and the game room, plus a chance to do service, build community and learn more about God. Meets at St. Simon and Jude. (Avenue T and Van Sicklen- 2 blocks from McDonald Ave and Kings Hwy) Meets Jan 6 and 20th.


Youth Group, Faith Formation- Every second and fourth Wednesday of the Month from 7-9PM in the rectory basement. Join us for networking and connecting with friends and new kids. A place where we have discussions, activities that help us grow in our faith and learn more about ourselves, others and God. Meets Jan 11th and 25th



Youth Center- EVERY Tuesday from 6:30-9:30, Middle School and Junior High Kids from 6:30-8:30PM. Join us for a safe place to hang out, special activity periods and group activities, along with year round seasonal celebrations. Cost is $1.00 each week. Meets at St. Frances Cabrini (Bay 11th and 86 St, off of 16th Avenue)



High School Leadership- SOUL TEAM- Every first and third Wednesday from 7-9PM. Learn more about being a leader and also be given the opportunities to develop these skills. Meets next June 1st at St. Frances Cabrini. Meets Jan 4 and 18th



Saturday Youth Program- Every First and Third Saturday from 12-3PM. Music, games, prayer, food and fun for youth 4-10 years of age. Older youth can assist and get service hours from 11:30PM- 3:30PM. Meets at St. Athanasius (Bay pkwy and 61st and 62nd St) Meets jan 7 and 21st



Youth Mass- Every Second and Fourth Sunday of the Month at 6PM. Come early get involved or joins other youth for upbeat music, and a liturgy geared to, by and for the young church.  Meets Jan 22nd.


Bowling League- Meets every other week at Shell Lanes, Fridays, 4PM, call for more info. Call Nick at 9173780416


Upcoming Special Events


 Bensonhurst Cluster– Office of Youth Ministry


Parental Consent/ Medical Release Form



Event Information



Event           _________________________Cost:

Date: _______

Time: ______________________________________________________________



Youth Information


Name of Child:  ____________________________________________________


Date of Birth: ___ /___ /___ 


Our Parish Affiliation:___________________________________________________


School Affiliation: _______________Home Address: ______________________________      


Phone: ________________________ Email Address: ___________________________ Parent/ Guardian Information


Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) Name: ____________________________ Phone # ____________


Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) Email Address(es): ___________________________________________________________


Additional Emergency Contact


Name: _______________________ Phone # _______________ Relationship: __________ PARENTAL CONSENT AND RELEASE:


 General Consent and Release: I hereby request and give my permission for my child to participate in the above event.  I understand and assume the risks inherent with this event from other parties, but I also understand that all reasonable care and supervision will be exercised to provide for the general well-being of my child.  I realize my child will only be under supervision while in the building and I take responsibility for their whereabouts and safety before and after the time indicated above and once they leave the program. I individually and on behalf of my child named above, do hereby release, covenant not to sue, and save harmless:  The Diocese of Brooklyn; the Cluster Office of Bensonhurst; the individual parishes and schools (St. Athanasius, St. Simon and Jude, St. Frances Cabrini, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Mary, Mother of Jesus),  host site and all employees, agents and volunteers for the event, from any and all claims for any and all harm arising to my child as a result of their participation in this event.


  I give permission for photos or video to be taken of my child and used for work related postings and communications.


Medical:  In the unlikely event of injury or illness during this event and I agree to pay any expenses incurred for treatment and give permission to bring my youth for treatment or to the hospital.


Parent/Guardian _______________________________________ 


Signature ________________________________   Date ________



The Bensonhurst Cluster Office of Youth Ministry is now located at

C/O: St. Frances Cabrini Church

1562 86th St

Brooklyn, NY 11228

Office Phone: (Accepts Text Messages too!) 718-490-4469

Fax Number: 718-331-8139



Face Book: Bensonhurst Cluster Youth Ministry


The Cluster Office of Youth Ministry is funded and supported by Catholic Churches of Bensonhurst, Bathe Beach, Gravesend and Dyker Heights and is open to all youth regardless of race, religion or creed.

Summer Opportunities- We can offer you scholarships to participate in some regional summer programs such as the Diocesan- Youth Leader Retreat or the Salesians Gospel Roads. Contact the office or go to the diocese website to register and inform us, so we can provide you with some financial assistance.

The Bensonhurst Office of Youth Ministry runs many other activities, special events, social outings, retreats and youth oriented church and sacramental programs.

For more information, updates, go to , call 718 490-4469 (NEW NUMBER!!!!)or email us at

Bensonhurst Cluster Youth Ministry programs

Programs are open to both males and females, and are primarily offered to those youth who are connected with the seven Catholic Churches or schools of the Bensonhurst Cluster: St. Athanasius, St. Dominic, St. Finbar's, St. Frances Cabrini, St. Mary, Mother of Jesus, St. Simon and Jude and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Granted any youth of any religious persuasion or belief state is welcome from the larger community in Brooklyn.

Programs vary in depth and scope, from the social to the spiritual, all with the goal of creating a sense of community and church, exposing youth to healthy relationships and Gospel values. Primarily most programs are geared towards those in junior high, through high school, ages 12 through 18. At the same time, individuals that are mature and balanced may be able to participate at a younger age, but note that adults involved take on an accompaniment role, not a supervising position, so youth that need greater attention due to age or immaturity may be asked to not participate in certain programs


Service Outreach-

If you need service hours for confirmation of school, contact us, and we can arrange for you to do work after school, or you can join us for our Service Saturday's!

 (If you know of someone in your neighborhood, block or family who is elderly, handicapped, or living alone, that could use some help with general house cleaning or yard work- for free, please contact us, and we can come with some youth to help out during the year.)


  The above listed programs are all either sponsored by the Cluster Office of Youth Ministry and/or the youth ministry programs of the parishes of Brooklyn West 9, which include: Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Mary, Mother of Jesus, St. Athanasius, St. Frances Cabrini,  and St. Simon and Jude.




On going Service Project
The Bensonhurst Cluster Office of Youth Ministry is trying to organize an ongoing service project. This project is meant to help the many older members of our community who can no longer do many daily tasks of general upkeep of their homes, both indoors and out. We want to give an opportunity to the younger generation to help the older ones by coming into their homes with an adult assistance and spend a few hours doing some tasks of cleaning, upkeep and general repairs.
WE need youth who are willing to join us, whether for service hours or not, and WE need contacts of local individuals be they elderly, handicapped, that are in need of some assistance, be it for a single time, or possibly for an ongoing relationships. This Program is called SOS, for there are many people in our neighborhood, who need help, and we are all Saints and Sinners, who can go Out and Serve!


We hope this site will introduce you to Youth Ministry Occurances and at the same time keep you informed of what is NEW happening in Brooklyn for youth!


The Bensonhurst Office of Youth Ministry serves all youth in the local Brooklyn Community, in collaboration with the local Catholic Churches:

All youth, regardless of faith, gender, and ethnicity are welcome to   participate in Cluster Sponsored Programming. There are specific Faith Formation Groups for Jr. High Youth between the ages of 12-15 and those in High School between 16-19 years of age.



Each program is designed to guide youth to a greater understanding of who they are, where God is in their lives and to understand their role in society both today as youth and as they grow to become, "people of faith and honest citizens."

Youth Ministry Goal #1:  To build the church as a "Home that Welcomes, A Parish that Evangelizes, A School that Prepares for Life, and a Playground where friends Come and Meet each other." Let us build the city of God, where all are welcomed!