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Feast of Padre Pio
We need volunteers to help out, with games, set up and clean up, information, and more. To volunteer call Kenny at 718-259-4636, or show up early during the 13-16th of June.
We are looking for mature hardworking, young and old to help us make the feast a time to remember and a time of being community!
Donate Video games and systems. We are still in need of video games and systems, none are too old. So if they are collecting dust at your home, consider donating them to our Youth Rooms.
Youth Musicians NEEDED! There are going to be some special events and also one church is looking to really raise music up a notch twice a month at their Sunday Night Mass. Can you sing, play an instrument, then please let us know, so we can let you know how you can use your talents even more!

Or I might include a link to a site I check in on every day for inspiration: