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Subject: High School Interns for Special Project


During the months of July, August and the early part of September, we will

be engaging in a substantial clean up and records relocation project here at

DOI which will require copying of files as well as the packing, indexing and

movement of several thousand boxes. We will be hiring a small group of high

school students for summer intern positions to assist in this project. The

project will require heavy lifting as well as working at the DOI and DORIS

warehouses when needed.


Applicants for the positions must be going into their junior or senior years

of high school.  Applicants will undergo the required DOI background check

and may not be related to any DOI employee. Resumes or letters of interest

should be submitted to the Human Resources Unit via mail to NYC Department

of Investigation, 80 Maiden Lane, 25th floor, New York, NY 10038, fax to

(212) 825-2860 or e-mail to  .

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