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Dear Parents and Youth,                                                        8/10/2007


This letter hopes that you find yourself well rested and renewed after as we come to the last weeks of our summer vacation. Over the summer the Bensonhurst Office of Youth Ministry hosted outdoor movies for youth and all at 7 of our Cluster parishes and schools. We also started the SOS program, a program of community service that brings small teams of youth to help elderly and homebound individuals right in our own back yard. In addition we have been doing a lot of planning and preparing for the beginning of our 2nd year outreaching and serving the youth of our local community.


Last year many of you had the chance to meet me, and to also take advantage of our many programs offered throughout the neighborhood for youth. For others we must have missed each other, and this letter may be more of an introduction.

There are many new programs that will begin this coming fall, and some of the previous offerings will continue and expand.

To be most informed, we need you to take the time to fill out the attached form and to have your youth return it to the person whom gave it to them. This way we can get information to you, and allow you and your child to make informed decisions and also learn timely of the many opportunities offered.

Secondly, we encourage you to visit the website, for additional information and for ongoing updates.


As we look to the coming year we plan to continue the Youth Room at St. Frances Cabrini, which was open one night a week last year, allowing youth to play board games, ping pong, video games and much more, in a safe controlled environment.

In addition we will offer a Faith Formation experience for youth to hands on and interactively to discover more about life, God and themselves, bimonthly at St. Dominic's.


We plan to offer several retreats this year, day and overnight, and Leadership Training Programs.

Each month there will be a sports night, which will be different themes and part of many tournaments throughout the year.

Café Soul, will come back in October, and possibly be a monthly program for youth to hang out, and either be part of the entertainment, or just have a chance to check it out!


Lastly, we are establishing many service programs and projects which youth can tap into after school and on weekend, for either service hour requirements or just for the common good. In addition to the SOS program, we will have church cleaning days, blood drives, midnight runs, and much more.


The Office of Youth Ministry is here to serve the youth of the community, primarily those from 7th grade (12 years old) through High School (18 years old).

Our program is meant to show youth there role and need to be a part of the church community, and to meet there present needs and expectations in their development as adolescents. The office is always evolving and desires your input and welcomes your involvement, so please feel free to contact our office.


Below are a few days to note in your planning. Most locations have yet to be determined, but please try to save the date, and look to hear more information, or check the website for more details as we get closer. Realize that many more programs and dates will be established as the year unfolds, for updated information try to get on our email list and we can send you updates as they are released.


Cluster Youth Dates to remember

Sept 7th                       Youth Outdoor Movie

Sept 18th                     Cluster Youth Room to open (To be open  

                                      every Tuesday)

Sept 22nd                     Youth day- St. Dominic's

Sept 26th                     Cluster Faith Formation Program Starts at           St.   Dominic's

(To meet every other week on Wednesday.)

Sept 28th                     Youth Outdoor Movie

Sept 30th                     Coney Island day- St. Simon and Jude

Oct 5th                         Youth Nights- Music and Fun- St. Simon and Jude (To meet every Friday)

October 13th                Diocesan Junior High Rally

October13th                Teenage Halloween dance and games- St. Athanasius

October 26th               Cluster Café Soul

October 29th                Cluster Trick or Treat- 6:30-8PM

November 2nd-3rd        Cluster Overnight Retreat (7th grade through high school)

Nov 8-11th                   National Catholic Youth Conference- Columbus, Ohio

Nov 17th                       Service Saturday

November 30th            Youth Fun Sports Nights

December 3rd              Sister Act Play- St. Athanasius

December 8th              Cluster Youth Leadership Day- St. Athanasius

December 9th              Cluster Lessons in Carols Concert

December 15th                Cluster Christmas Caroling

December 21st                Christmas Movie Night

January 4th                  Cluster Café Soul

January 18-20             High School Overnight Leadership Retreat- Stony Point, NY

January 26th                Service Saturday

January 31st               Feast of Don Bosco- Prayer Service and Carnival

February 9th                Cluster Bowling Tournament

February 28th              Cluster Youth Penance Service

March 1st                     Service Saturday

March 7th                     March Madness Cluster Basketball Tournament

March 14th                   Easter Movie Night

March 19th                   Cluster Way of the Cross Youth Procession

April 12th                      Diocesan Junior High Rally

April 25th                      Cluster Café Soul

May 3rd                        Service Saturday

May 17-18                   Cluster Overnight Retreat


More dates and details to be posted on the website,


Being a parent is an every day challenge, time, finances, work and even trying to stay in shape is something we all face.

We all want the best for our kids, and we want them to be safe and to grow into responsible, mature, good natured children, and that is exactly what our program is all about.

So please help us, to help your children, by encouraging them, driving them, challenging them, reminding them, to come to some of the Cluster Programs and also to the local Youth Minstry offerings that are being provided for them.

We welcome parents to be a part too, if they wish, for we could use some more time in faith and fellowship with each other and with our God.


God bless and peace to you and your families,




Kenny Wodzanowski

Cluster Coordinator of Youth Ministry.




Bensonhurst Cluster Office of Youth Ministry

"Calling all Youth of Brooklyn."




Youth Ministry Information Sheet


Youth Profile


First Name _____________________                        Last Name ____________________


Email __________________________                       Phone Number _________________


Address ________________________________________________________________


DOB ________________________                           Grade ________


Parish Affiliation ____________________                   School Attending _______________


If in High School grade school that they graduated from. _________________________



Parent Profile


(Only fill in information that is different from youth's.)


First Name(s) ______________________                  Last Name ____________________


Email __________________________                       Phone Number _________________


Address ________________________________________________________________


Cell Phone _____________________             Work Number _________________


(  ) Interested in volunteering in a program.



** Please return to the individual who handed this to your child or to you.

Or mail or drop off to Kenny Wodzanowski - Cluster Office of Youth Ministry C/o-St. Dominic Parish 2001 Bay Ridge Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11204



** This information will be used primarily for communications of Cluster programs to you and your child, and will only be shared with your local parish listed above.