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Want to help others from the comfort of your desktop? Here's some other ways!
If you know of other sites and ways to help others, email me and let me know, so we can add your thoughts to the page?
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20 Minutes
Order a Teeshirt from , who employes woman from South Africa for fair wages, and they donate all their profits to dress for success.

Visit, there you can buy chocolate, jewelry, arts and crafts, instruments, directly from the artist, at fair trade prices, a bargain for you, and a good sale for them.

Help a PEER for less than a $1.00 a day
What you spend ona can of soda, can feed, educate and provide health care to a youth in another country. Go to and sponsor a child. Chip in with friends and you can even write and receive letters from the youth you are helping!

Go on old bike?
Ship your old bike to Pedals for Progress, which donates bikes to people oversees who need cheap, nonpolluting transportation, or hey why not start to use your bike more instead of driving and help to make our city less polluted?

Eyeguy wants to be friends
Walking dude

Mail Silly String to soldiers and save a life!
Send it to Marcelle Shriver, c/o St. Luke Church, 55N. Warwick Road, Stratford, NJ 08084. She send sit to Iraq where soldiers use it to detect trip wires!

Help the Homeless.
Go to to donate used clothes.
Go to and find out how to volunteer at local soup kitchens and shelters.
If you are willing to help raise awareness with local politicians you can ehlp through
And help to feed elderly in the Meals on Wheels Program, go to . Lastly fill food packs for youth through the Children's Hunger Fund at