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Thursday - September 30th 2010

8:00am-- relic to Outdoor altar

8:00-9:30am-- all will view relic

Breakfast- pavilion

Some animation by Becchi House

Procession of Relic

10:00am-Youth Rally ---music -animation-skit---prayer


12:30 lunch (visit-relic)

1:00-5:00 music under the tent

3:00-Ultimate Frisbee tournaments/wiffle ball sports

5:00 Dinner

Come join us for a coffeehouse the evening after the rally with adoration and music! We invited a Catholic music artist to share and lead us in worship. We will have food, beverages and plenty of wonderful Catholic young people to hang out with. Let us know if you can make it so we can plan accordingly!!

We will also have a Ultimate Frisbee tourney in the afternoon and a few other activities..

Rough schedule of evening

...6:30-candle light rosary

7-9 Youth/Young Adult Praise and Worship/Coffee House under the tent

7:30-8:30 -Korean Prayer Service in the church

9-10 Hispanic Praise and Worship in the church

Stories of Don Bosco and Camp Fire

-          NEED to know if anyone can, wants and is able to miss school that day to attend the full day and evening venue, if so leave around 8AM that Morning to head up and return late that evening? (Need to check with Parent's and school.)

-          Guide anyone to go to , the evening events are not on that site for the 30th, and they could also go to

-          If not can't miss school, do you want to go in the afternoon or early evening to head up! An Hour and half ride to Stony Point. Will return late that evening back to Brooklyn. Try to leave around 3/3:30PM.

-          This is a once in a life time experience, the body of Don Bosco has never been in the US and probably will never be back in your lifetime!

-          Need to know asap, text me or return form by Saturday, Sept 25th!

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