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Bensonhurst Cluster of Youth Ministry (Brooklyn, NY)




Save the dates, more information will be coming, or if interested text, email us, and you can register anytime. We encourage at least 2 weeks prior to secure space and so we can plan accordingly for the program.


Winter Retreat Night                                          February 22nd                               St. Frances Cabrini


-         This will be an evening retreat for 6 hours, during the winter recess break.




Lenten Retreat                                                      March 12-13                                   St. Frances Cabrini


-         24 Hour retreat. Prepare with other youth, open to those in junior and high school as we explore Lent through activities, prayer and building community. (2PM Sat to 2PM Sun)




Girls Only Lock In Retreat                                  March 26-27                                St. Frances Cabrini


= 24 Hour retreat for girls only. Have a chance to look at female issues with positive female leaders and explore self esteem and other issues.


End of the Year Retreat                                      May 13-14                                     St. Simon and Jude


-         14 Hour Retreat has you look at where you are and where you want to go. Through activities and small group discussions take some time to see what road you are walking on!


Spring/Summer Retreat                                     June 8th                                          St. Frances Cabrini


-         A final three hour retreat night for all youth as they look back and look ahead, as spring turns into summer.


There will also be several summer opportunities for retreats and service programs.


Unless stated all programs take place in Brooklyn, NY. Costs are $10 for 14 hour retreats and $20 for 24 hour retreats. 3 hour retreats or evening retreats cost the typical $1.00 as the youth center. Please bring permission slips as well.


Check with your local DRE to see if you can also receive SERVICE HOURS FOR