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Monthly Reflection:

Dear Friends of the Risen Christ,                                               4/12/2007


Happy Easter! Alleluia, Alleluia!

I hope each of you have been able to move the stone aside, so that you can gain access to the Risen Christ, and you have not left him in the tomb?

Last night I have a scavenger hunt with some of our teens at St. Dominic's. They had to look for eggs and such, along with find answers to questions. All of the answers could be found by them looking for them among the every day displays, statues within the church building!

It amazed me that answers lied in front of them, even eggs, and they could not see them, and they just walked by.

How many of us, just walk by, miss the Godincidences that happen each day. God risen in our every day lives through, moments of graces, opportunities to service and love our fellow brothers and sisters, we cannot see.

Lent may be over, but now we have 50 days, 10 more than Lent to celebrate the resurrection, to share in the defeat of death, to live with Christ, like never before!

So share, but open your eyes, slow down and do not be afraid, for God is in our midst every moment, many times in the least expected places.

No longer see things as chance, or coincidental, but how God interacts and intercedes in our existence.

The Word Alleluia, in fact mean, God is with us! That is why during Lent, we did not say the word, but now in the Easter octave, we in fact say Alleluia more frequently!


May the Peace of the Risen Lord, fill your heart with light and love, direction and depth,


Kenny Wodzanowski