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Bensonhurst Cluster Youth Ministry

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Pope Puis Class and Award

Ever wonder what God wants from you? What is the meaning of life? Where is or if he is calling you?

Info session, on Wed- Feb 11th in auditorium at St. Athanasius (Bay Pkwy and 61st 8:30-9PM. If you cannot make, or found out too late, email me, asap, so I can email you the requirements and expectations of this discussion group.

You must be in High School, and is designed for those in Scouts or Venturers!

 If you are not a member of the scouts or venturing, you can still join this program, show up for details!

Join this six week group that discusses life and looks how God is calling them or not?

Members who complete all course requirements will receive the prestigious Pope Pius Award from the Bishop.

Pope Pius Award Group


This group will meet for mainly seven Thursday's I(One monday in there), and is open to all youth 9th grade and older, 15 years through 18 years old.


This program is for registered Scouts or Venturers or you could become a Venturer by attending the class.


Come to discover and discuss the issues you find in growing up and see how God plays a role in your daily lives and life choices.


The group will meet from 7-9PM at the Nazareth Center which is located on Bay Pkwy off the corner of 62nd St, next to St. Athanasius Church.


(If you miss a class, you are expected to read the missed chapter before the next class, and to type out the questions and a honest and complete response to each question in the book.) failure to do this for any missed class will result in an imcomplete and you will NOT receive the Pope Puis Award this year.


Completing the program may lead you to receive the prestigious Religious Award from the Bishop and the Boy Scouts of America.



Pope Pius Course and Medal

Read and reflect using the Guide Book on what the broader word of “vocation” means. Take the time to discussion with family members or individuals about their calling and discern what God is calling you to be. Have you ever wondered what your meaning for this life on earth was meant to be, and where and how to fulfill this?

During out two hour sessions, we shall discuss and be engaged in activities and dialogue to deepen our understanding of who we are and where we are going? Each week builds off the next, and in the end you are given a chance to see a vision of your vocation. The more you put into this examination and discussion the further and clearer the understanding you will develop. So are you ready to discover and to explore, it is up to you?

Meeting at St. Athanasius – Bay Pkwy and 62nd St(Nazareth Center 7-9PM). Please arrive promptly!


February 26th

March 5

March 12

March 19th

March 26th

Monday: March 30th.


1)      Each week to read the upcoming chapter.

2)      Bring your guide book and a pen with you each week.

3)      Come with openness, listen and respect each other in the course.

4)      If you are absent, you will not only read the missed section, but also type each question you encounter as you read and then type out a response. Please submit to instructor at next class. (You should not miss more than 2 classes- and as you will see it is more work to miss then to be there.)

5)      Come within 5 minutes of 7PM, be prompt and ready to begin course.

6)      Turn cell phones off or on vibrate, but never text, or answer unless an emergency during the 2 hours in course.

7)      Come interested and ready to share with instructor and each other, not a course for the timid, or tired.

8)      At the end of the course will do prescribed activity and give a 2 to 3 minute sharing to peers, and with follow up questions.

9)      Get your paper work sign by appropriate party and submit in on time, and to completion of course expectations, otherwise, instructor will not sign off, and you will not receive your medal and certificate of completion. Fair is fair, do the work and get the reward, or make up the work properly and get the reward.

Paper work/ Course Project

1)      Fill out the Application to begin Working on Pope Pius XII Religious Emblem.

2)      If you are not presently a Boy Scout or venture, fill out paperwork to become a affiliated member of the Venture Crew, and pay $10 dues direct to Venturers at St. Athanasius. A venturer is a mixed gender group that engages in activities, many outdoor programs to build community and to deepen ones experience of life and faith.

3)      By the end, and part of your presentation is to meet and talk with an adult, who is single, married and a vowed religious to talk about that life state, the challenges and the blessings, the experience. You are to also talk to two people in different fields; occupations that you feel you may want to pursue, to find out how they got involved, how they enjoy their work and also the down sides to the field. Next to talk to three other people, some could be the same, that work or volunteer for the church, ex, scout leaders, Eucharistic ministers, coaches, service coordinators, youth ministers, etc, to find out about what they do, how they got involved and the pros and cons of the ministry. Of course from all we are hoping to gain some wisdom and insight to help us examine where we may be called to.

After all this, you need to select two life states, two occupations, and two ministries that still interest you, and now share why.

How does your above choices help or hinder you to live out your baptismal promise and calling to be prophet, priest or king???

Now pick an issue in society, or even smaller and issue that effects youth in your community or family.  Example- gangs, racism, and sexism, dating violence, corruption. Research the two sides (making sure the church’s teachings are reflected on one side, and include some personal opinion) of the issue and share. Now, how would your choice of the two life states, occupations and ministries be impacted or have an impact on the above issue. Does this all shed some light on what you think God may be calling you to do in your life, could this be your vocation?

Discover this, and you may have discovered your calling, your vocation, for God wants to bridge your passions, your gifts, your interests, and parallel it with your life state, occupation and ministries, so that they work together , for the good of humanity, bringing forth the kingdom and your will be done.

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