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"Youth" LOCK IN Overnight Retreats Retreats.

When: November 6-7, 2009 and April 23-24, 2010 ( 14 Hour, no sleep retreats.)

February 26-27, 2010 and May 21-22, 2010 (24 Hour with some sleep retreats.)

Where:  14 Hour Retreats at St. Simon and Jude (Avenue T and Van Sicklen, two blocks from Kings Hwy and Mc Donald Ave) and the 24 Hour Retreats-TBA

For: Youth that are in the 7th Grade, throughout High School.

Sponsored and Run by: The Bensonhurst Cluster Office of Youth Ministry.

Space is limited and we encourage form and payment three weeks before any retreat.

Return forms to your Local Parish Rectory or to Kenny at any local YM program.

Cost: $10.oo for the 14 Hour Retreat, and $20.00 for the 24 Hour, with some scholarship available, just ask!

Join us for these retreats, where you are LOCKIN and have a chance to LOCK OUT the outside world. Take the first steps of faith and see where God and your peers lead you.

The 14 Hour Retreats begins at 7:30PM  on a Friday night and ends at 9AM on Saturday,

The 24 Hour retreat begins at 7PM on a Friday, and ends at 7PM, on Saturday!

You will eat, play, pray, reflect, talk, watch a movie, eat some more, meet new friends, meet yourself, get to know friends better and get a chance to see God and life in a new way! FUHN and FAITH.

Get a permission Slip today from your local Youth Ministry Leader or download from  

Did we say it will be fun? And much more than you could have thought, so come on and join us, Moon Walking Bears are welcome!